Okay. Let's get the me me me out of the way first

You guessed it right. Wenderific isn't my real name. It is a combination of Wendy and terrific as I was hoping - with my unusually high optimism - the latter would be how you see my artwork? Just ignore the slight hint of excessive self-assurance then we would be all fine. 

I have always been a painter, although similar to most early conformists, I then worked in the corporate world, until I repeatedly asked myself, was I genuinely happy and my life enriched?

Somehow. However, something was missing. My life became quite mechanical and my soul felt paler. It was when I picked up the brushes again then I re-discovered the joy art could shower me with. This might explain why my artworks are always so colourful; I enjoy how it brightens up people's life.

In 2019 I set up my practice to focus both on my contemporary paintings and merchandise designs. I am keen to leave a footprint for myself and share the happiness of art with others.


This is the background of the birth of "Wenderific". I am following my dreams that I have always had.


Wish you all a fantastic start to 2020 and a new decade!

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