My 50/50: As an Illustrator and Designer 

I tend not to paint based on real life but improvise freely to create a movement of abstract patterns and objects; my choice of colour schemes is usually warm and vivid - as a very visual person myself, I definitely notice the parallel of how colours brighten my painting experience and how I choose them to enrich myself. I have a love for flowers and anything botanical, hence you will see floral motifs feature frequently in my paintings, and occasionally I use petals and leaves for creating unusual patterns in my painting too.

The edited artworks are printed in fine art and heavy papers (cards - 200+ gsm and poster - 300 gsm). I hope that my cards are more than just a message carrier, and that the artwork will bring the recipient joy, calm and peace, and will serve as a collectible or wall art in its own right. What makes me the happiest is when both the buyers and recipients enjoy these paintings as much as I do. Click here for a few examples. 

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