The artworks that I produced during the 2020 lockdown.

My 50/50: As a Painter

My main media are watercolour, oil and acrylic on papers and canvas, in which I enjoy exploring how the use of vibrant colours interact and express in various patterns and unusual forms.


I would describe my style to be abstract, free and whimsical. My artworks range in different sizes and motifs; I tend not to stick to one style of painting. I want to externalise the many sides of my mind and identities.

I have various purposes for my artworks. Undoubtedly, they are a form of expression of my inner states, as I paint to articulate, release and reconciliate.


From the artwork itself, in addition to aesthetics, they are painted to provoke thoughts, sometimes bring happiness, and occasionally create a sense of peace. The abstract qualities of them help viewers relate to their very own emotional and life experiences.

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