My Art in 2020

2020 has seen the most peculiar nine months for most people. A pandemic has virtually turned the world upside down. If you are reading this blog post, I hope you are doing okay or would talk to someone if you aren't. No one should go through with this year alone.

Undoubtedly this situation has created a tougher start of my career as a first-year artist. It is challenging to build a business when everything, including exhibitions, open studio and selling, relies on the virtual world. The job to connect my art to the viewer, follower and potential customer has become difficult. It feels like I am an "image" people see on the smart screen, and my career becomes heavily internet-based.

My 2020 paintings display on the studio wall.

However I am really grateful that I have had the time and perspective to redefine the purpose of my art. As I live and work within the same two spaces of my home and studio since March, this confinement has helped me reflect constantly on the positive role of art to our mental health, how it could lift up our spirit, and transport our mind into a different place. I really wanted people to experience the kind of happiness through art like the way I do, and this renewed sense of purpose for my practice helped me stay focused and creative throughout this challenging period. My early "lockdown art" was created to go beyond self-expression, and to be engage with the viewer emotionally.

"The Well of Hope" depicts a bottom-up view stunned with hope and miracles.

As I play with an array of vibrant colours to form dynamic patterns and movements on the canvas, I try to experiment with how the quality of abstract representations and colours could personify positive emotions, or how that particular piece could work as visual stimulus, which serves to evoke the feeling of warmth and hope in the viewer. My paintings in 2020 each represent a different way we can re-experience the current life or our emotional state through a therapeutic lens.

"The Pink Lagoon", part of my new abstract landscape series.

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Stay safe and keep well. Much love.


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