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Updated: Sep 29

Hello everyone! My first post here.

After taking the plunge (again) to become an artist and illustrator, I have redesigned my greeting card range and expanded the merchandise categories. Check out the new merchandise page on my website here.

In addition to that I have created a short video introducing myself in 33 seconds. It comes with aspirational music. Very millennial.

It's been quite tough starting a business on my own. An incredibly fulfilling but also a very slow and 99% solitary journey. So many tests and trials. However it is something that I own, with the support of many loved ones - especially my husband - recognising my talents and most importantly believing in me, it really keeps me going, and I enjoy every second and challenge of it.

However if you don't want to see me becoming too skinny nor growing more grey hair, do spread the love about my brand and artworks! 😊 I am especially looking for commission and collaboration opportunities with art agents, wholesalers and publishers. As a lone wolf one woman band it is more time efficient for me to engage in B2B business.

Lots of love to everyone who read this post. Feel free to contact me for a chat about my art or your passion.

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